Breitling CEO Discusses New UK Best Quality Breitling Super AVI Chronograph Series Fake Watches

Luxury Swiss Breitling replica watches has dropped a quartet of chronographs inspired by the golden age of military aviation with each taking cues from four legendary war planes.

The 46mm Super AVI series are reworkings of the 1:1 AAA fake Breitling Co-Pilot Ref.765 AVI watches from 1953 with each taking on some of the characteristics of the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang, the Vought F4U Corsair, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and the de Havilland Mosquito.

High quality Breitling replica watches went ahead with the series after the success of the AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition in 2020 and used the opportunity to assemble the four planes in the US and fly them together for the first time.

When spoke to Breitling CEO, Georges Kern, about the UK Swiss movements replica Breitling Super AVI watches, how he has reshaped the brand, the power of nostalgia and why it’s no longer acceptable to have your own jet display team.

How did you arrive at the four aircraft depicted in this new wholesale copy Breitling Super AVI series watches?

“The Curtiss we had, the Mosquito we had. Then the Mustang, funnily enough, Breitling replica watches for sale [has been] using the Mustang since forever and we never actually had the rights on it, so I don’t know how they did this, but we always used the Mustang, so it was obvious. And then, I like the Corsair because of the color, the blue, and there was a series when I was a child which was [set] on an island in the Japanese area, where they had this plane, called Pacific 214.”

Vintage-inspired best Swiss made replica watches designs have been one of the major driving forces in the industry for the past five years, is there a risk we’re ignoring the present?

“The question is not, “is it vintage?” – first of all we’re Modern Retro, we’re not vintage and dusty – the question is, “is it cool or is it not cool?” Everything we are doing, it’s cool. Everybody who sees our assets, our movies, our advertising, our point of sales, will say it’s cool. The question is how you do it. If you do it old-style, dusty, of course you will have a problem. But when I look at these products, which are so beautiful, and when I see that young people like these stories, I think that’s cool. That’s one element.”

“The second element is, in a world where every morning you wake up, you have drama: Afghanistan, fugitives, CORONA – you name it – some people like to have an anchor and grab something from a time when everything was still okay. TWA, PAN-AM* – if you remember the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’ with Leonardo DiCaprio – it was not Ryanair, not a cheap airline, this was luxury. People today, humanity, is overloaded with problems, with cheap stuff, with horrible stuff, you have breakdowns, people cannot cope with all of this anymore. Coming and remembering the “good old days” is something very impactful and it works. In the execution, if you do it cool you even gain super young clients.”

* Cheap Breitling fake watches store released an Airlines capsule collection in 2019, reflecting a different commercial flight in the 1950s and 1960s.

Replica Breitling watches site feels like a very different brand now from the one you took over four years ago, what have changed?

“The success story of 2021 China Breitling super clone watches is that everything works, we have design codes in the products, we have our “Modern Retro” design and the “Loft” industrial style design of our boutiques, our black and white advertising, so it works. It was difficult four years ago, when we were starting the transformation process, it was weird, you had lots of stuff from the old days and stuff from the new days. The consumer was probably a little bit confused, but now it’s super impactful.”

In that time the brand has also really changed its tone of voice around aviation and cars, why?

“The first thing you know, we decided to stop the relationship with Bentley because – first of all, we love them and it has been the longest car/watch relationship in the industry – but we have this mantra of “Modern Retro,” we have our design style and we believe that talking about vintage cars – I mean there’s nothing more sustainable than a vintage car – you’re not buying a new one, you keep it, that’s why it’s called a vintage car.”

“And we believe you can absolutely talk about aviation without having a jet team, which we’ve also stopped, you cannot have a jet team in our days, blowing all this carbon into the air, you face such a shitstorm on social media, forget it.”

“Having this approach with these cars, these American muscle cars, reflects the power of luxury fake Breitling watches and the planes also. So I think both elements fit the brand, in terms of history, in terms of power, in terms of masculinity. Also with Triumph, with Deus Ex Machina, all the partnerships, all the sports, the surfing, the triathlon, everything fits the brand and makes it compact and nothing is weird in any of our communication elements.”

The best quality replica Breitling Super AVI series of chronographs is available now via Breitling, with prices starting at $10,100 USD.

AAA Perfect Breitling Replica Watches UK With Breitling Select Program In France

Breitling’s subscription program allows customers to try on a selection of UK best quality replica watches before making a possible purchase.

Breitling Select: from the United States to France.

Presented last March to American consumers, the Breitling Select offer is arriving in France these days. The principle ? Rent 1:1 top Breitling fake watches in order to test it before, perhaps, affording it.

At the end of a registration on the manufacture’s website, brand aficionados can thus subscribe to a one-year contract, the registration fee of which amounts to 1,815 euros over 12 months. During this period, consumers are invited to choose three Breitling copy watches for sale – from a selection – delivered to their homes over a pre-determined period. Each replica Breitling watches with Swiss movements can then be returned to the Swiss house or purchased at a specific price.

With this rental service, the brand continues to develop its service offering, a few months after the implementation of blockchain certification on its luxury Breitling replica watches wholesale. “Once again, we are uniquely leveraging our digital properties to provide additional benefits to the experience of Breitling and its iconic super clone watches shop site. And always with the customer at the center of our engagement strategy,” says Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital and Technology Officer of the house.

Quick Takes: New Best AAA UK Fake Breitling Premier B15 Duograph 42 Watches

The luxury replica Breitling Premier B15 Duograph is Breitling’s take on a split second chronograph with a center monopusher. Featuring rectangular chronograph pushers and Arabic numerals, the heritage-revived Premier Duograph displays a variety of details such as grooves on the case-sides, open sapphire casebacks and syringe hands. The Duograph comes in stainless steel with a blue dial or in 18k red gold with a black dial.

Breitling Premier B15 Duograph 42 Fake Watches

The 1:1 top replica Breitling Premier B15 Duograph watches retails at USD 10,250 in steel and USD 22,850 in gold.

The Case and Dial

The stainless steel case measures 42mm in diameter and 15.3mm in thickness. It wears on the larger side for a classic style, coming in at 50mm lug-to-lug.

The thickness of the cheap Swiss made fake watches is expected of a chronograph movement with a raised dome design. That said, the heft may take some warming up to if one was expecting a classic design.

The Breitling Premier B15 Duograph replica watches for sale is also available in 18k gold with black dial and gilt markers and prints. It also comes with matching gold hands which contrast nicely against the polished black dial.

The stainless steel case is mostly mirror polished, with casebands at the side of the case to break the flat thick surface. The side finishing is brushed, contrasting with the step bezel and lugs.

The dial color of the high quality copy Breitling Duograph watches is especially tasteful. The blue sunburst dial has a subdued tint that gives the watch the right amount of casual classic elegance.

Applied arabic numerals are used for hour markers, contrasting with the printed seconds and tachymeter track on the periphery of the dial.

The ring size of the subdials are on the larger side, observed by the smaller space between each subdial and the closeness to the handstack. The Breitling logo sits above the central hand stack and fills up the space nicely, balanced with the model name ‘Duograph Premier’ at the 6 o’clock position.

The subdials are embossed with concentric guilloche lines for an added texture. A pair of white metal syringe hours and minutes hands are lume filled which helps with visibility in the dark.

A 22mm alligator strap with deployant buckle is used on the steel model. It uses a curved lug bar, which helps it stay closer to the case without a gap when taut on the wrist. While many brands are catching on quick release or easy strap change mechanisms, the 2021 replica Breitling watches with Swiss movements uses a standard lug bar which requires a tool for removal.

The Movement

An open caseback reveals the automatic movement powering the Duograph. The perfect wholesale fake Breitling Duograph watches runs on the B15 manufacture caliber, a 1/4th second cosc certified chronograph that beats at 28,800 vph and has approximately 70 hours of power reserve.

“Duograph” was a term used by best quality Breitling super clone watches in the 1940s and refers to a “chronograph rattrapante”. A rattrapante (from the French “rattraper” – to catch up) is one of the most elaborate of all watch complications. In terms of manufacturing difficulty, it’s on a par with the tourbillon and minute repeater. Its function is to measure two elapsed times at once (intermediate and split time), which it shows via two hands on the central chronograph.

Finishing is modest on the movement, with machined Geneva stripes and bevelled bridges.

Concluding thoughts

Overall, the best replica Breitling Premier Duograph watches for men has a good wrist presence, a revered complication and an attractive design. While the industry is favoring slimmer and smaller sized UK fake watches shop – closer to 39mm, the 42mm case will still be welcome by those with larger wrists and would rather benefit from a larger dial for visibility.

Considering that the replica watches for sale uses the B15 manufacture movement, it comes standard with a 5 year warranty. Customers in the US can buy an additional 3 years extension to the warranty, adding up to a total of 8 years warranty.

Size aside, the Duograph is ideal as a versatile timepiece; classic yet imposing, a modern homage that opts for a larger case with vintage styling.

Celebration Of Three Generations With UK Replica Breitling Watches For Sale

In homage to three generations of inventors – Leon, Gaston and Willy Breitling.

The burgundy red Premier Chronograph embodies best Breitling replica watches’ legacy of inventing the modern chronograph. As Willy Breitling said, the luxury AAA Breitling Premier fake watches is “undoubtedly a stamp of impeccable taste”.

If you’ve grown tired of dials in green this year, and blue is too classic, Breitling recently unveiled a new color combination of the top UK replica Breitling Premier B09 chronograph watches with a dial finished in a gorgeous burgundy red hue.

The dial of the high quality copy watches, which blends beautifully in the style of the sun’s rays, is also complemented by a pair of brown chronograph counters that match a brown alligator leather strap. The luxury Breitling fake watches for sale has a stainless steel housing with a diameter of 40 mm, in which the Breitling B09 hand-held winding mechanism beats, which has an energy reserve of up to 70 hours.

The UK Breitling Premier B09 Chronograph 40 super clone watches with Swiss movements is available in a limited edition of 250 copies, the price of an individual burgundy red piece is € 7,400.